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> EPM 2005, 3rd issue voting Issue: 2003-3 Section: News

If you want to vote for one of the articles on the website or in the EPmagazine itself you have to sent an e-mail to the following address This e-mail has to be written in English and it has to include your name, your school (you can not vote on your own school) and the article you want to vote for. We would really appreciate your vote.

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Poster: LOUTRIDOU ALEXANDRA Date: 5-4-2006 Time: 09:33

Year 3, number 1, April 2005
Finding out the distance between sun and earth in the antiquity

Denise Pfaff, D?sir?e Bein

Poster: KANATIS GIORGOS Date: 5-4-2006 Time: 09:35

History of the guitar
Year 3, number 1,April 2005

Poster: NIKOS Date: 5-4-2006 Time: 09:37

Finding out the distance between sun and earth in the antiquity
Year 3, number 1,April 2005

Denise Pfaff, D?sir?e Bein

Poster: Webmaster Date: 5-4-2006 Time: 11:51

You can discuss articles here, but when you want to vote, you've to send an e-mail to Hatice (as described above).

Poster: anya Date: 9-4-2006 Time: 00:29

het valt niet op he dat al die stemmen net een paar minuten achter elkaar zijn gegeven!?!

danke voor je reactie bij mijn artikel!
zag het net pas..ja was in italie enzo weet wel
was leuk trouwes!


Poster: anya Date: 15-4-2006 Time: 18:00

today is the last day to vote...thank you all very much for your enthousiasm


Poster: angelo Date: 5-7-2006 Time: 18:35

I personally wish to thank Rick for his hard and effective work that let EPM site be better day after day.
I hope he wish go on as longer as possible and that other students in Landgraaf, like Vera or Anya will gfet him a hand. Remember: more hands get the work easier.

Poster: angelo Date: 15-9-2006 Time: 16:59

please, note that the article CHEMISTRY IS COLOR is not eligible for the competition.
Moreover, the vote given to an author attending the same school is not allowed. Such vote is discarded.

Poster: John Date: 4-12-2006 Time: 12:00

Hi, look at mine site!

Poster: Rob Miller Date: 19-8-2009 Time: 10:52

Cool site.

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