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> Submit new articles Issue: 2006-1 Section: News

Dear friends,


EPM Italian Editorial Board asks you to submit us articles about history of science and technology to be published in the next number of the EPMagazine.


YOUR NAME WILL APPEAR IN OUR INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE and, if your article will be the most interesting of the year


YOU COULD WIN A TRIP TO A EUROPEAN COUNTRY FOR TWO PEOPLE (the pupil and the referred teacher).


For further information feel free to contact me at the address and/or visit our official websites: and our official web-magazine


When, following the attached guideline, you will finish everything, send us the article at


Contributing to the EPMagazine you could be the winner of EPM Awards 2006. You only try to write the best article of the year and the next journey to a European city could be yours.


Thanks for all.

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Poster: Eleni Kyriaki Date: 25-11-2007 Time: 19:37

Dear colleagues,
I wonder if I can submit a presentation as an HTML file
Best regards,
Eleni Kyriaki

Poster: Lidia Minza Date: 28-6-2008 Time: 07:04

For submiting an article I should send it on a e-mail address? Which one?
Thank you!

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