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> Renewed website Section: News

As you can see our website is renewed completely.


In my presentation (8:30 AM - 10:10 AM, wednesday) I will tell you everything about it.

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Poster: Rick Hilkens Date: 14-12-2005 Time: 08:01

Give here your opinion about the website.

Poster: Pth Date: 14-12-2005 Time: 08:48

nice website, need more info and articles and a more interesting lay-put

Poster: angelo Date: 19-12-2005 Time: 11:05

When you have time, you could try to publish the collection of published issues from 2003 until now. Is is important because technical problem having the EPM mirror site: people does not have where catch the articles.
Thank you for your very good work.
hallo to Erick, too (what is his e-mail?)

Poster: Webmaster Date: 30-12-2005 Time: 08:28

I've sent you an e-mail. Work is in progress.

Poster: anya Date: 4-2-2006 Time: 20:34

hey Rick
could you please be so kind to help me with putting articles on the website? I still do not really get it but I think if you show me ones again I will mannage
thank you very much

Poster: uighuihnikhnjkl Date: 2-5-2006 Time: 17:43

Poster: ddsefasfasdgasf Date: 2-5-2006 Time: 17:44

nieuwe post vorige volgende