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Year: 2010

Issue: 1

Title: History of science and technology


This magazine consists of the following articles:

14-16 (Science): Students entering particle physics

Katrin Kröger, Isabel Zhang, Lars Berscheid, Nick Pawlowski, Landesgymnasium Sankt Afra, Meißen, Germany


14-16 (Science): In Romania, rediscovering Albert Einstein

Madalina Stancu, High School Ion Barbu, Bucharest, Romania


17-19 (Science): Impact on Science and Maths during the 20th Century

Emma Foster, Priestley College, Warrington, United Kingdom


17-19 (Chemistry): Is energy from biofuel totally environmentally friendly?

Michelle Hughes, Priestley College, Warrington, United Kingdom


General (Other): Green Energy: a must!

Elena Lacatus, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania


Green energy (Science): Plasma Converter System Energy from Waste

Mihai-Adrian Sopronyi, Politehnica University, Bucharest, Romania


Green energy (Science): Geothermal Energy

Robert Paduretu, Gabriel Todoran Mihaela Vestinean, Politehnica University, Bucharest, Romania


News (Other): Solar Tracker Project

António M da M Almeida & Carlos D.A. Pereira, Daniel A.B. & Flavia V. Barbosa, Gabriel F.C. Dantas, Escola Secundária de Amares, Portugal


News (Chemistry): Here you are an interesting update to Mpemba Effec

Gabriele Viglianisi, Liceo Boggio Lera, Catania, Italy