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Section Biology consists of the following articles:


The history of genetics

Mitrofan Claudia Gabriela


The history of DNA

Laura Patané, Marika Musumeci



Gizem Yildiz


Optical Illusions

Theodora Istoriou


Genetic Disorders

Nigmet Cetiner


Human Evolution

Despoina Spyropoulou




Camille Brefort



Giordano Bruno, Raffaele Giordano


Obesity in society and in the past

Sylvie Soundaravelou, Audrey Bordone


The Spanish Flu

Lycee Jean-Baptiste Corot


The cell

Filippo Torrisi


The origins of mitochondria

Agatino Bara, Giuseppe Gentile... ...


Genetics and life

Anna Fuchs


How your brains work

Joshua de H. NL