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> Sofia 2010 Weblog Section: EPMeetings

Weblog by EPM pupils


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Reports from POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest participating students


Andreea Samoila


EPM in Sofia: It was interesting to meet different people and to make new friends from other countries with a “different “culture (which is actually similar). Some of us were surprised of the resident’s calm, especially that of the car drivers very quizzing for us (in our country they are in a continuous hurry).

As you can see we had two extra-team members that joined us along this travel…

Hatchie with its little blue nose is being actually our mascot, and Marcelino (the GPS) helping us to discover the unknown places and deal with Slavonic alphabet challenges.

Besides those things that happened during this week we also learn something important: you can do a lot of greatest things if you are organized and under a good coordination.

We hope that all of you enjoyed the 14th meeting of EPM and have learned something from it.


Mihai Sopronyi, POLITEHNICA


Each moment of the time spent in Sofia, in the warm family like team of the European Pupils Magazine, become a milestone for me. This trip was filled up with “firsts”: my first time abroad, for the first time in an international environment, first week spent sharing experiences of different cultures from across Europe.

I have never before thought that students of different grades may join into a common action, other than watching a football game. This week of EPMagazine meeting challenged me, changed my view and motivated me for further Youth and EPM programs.


Paduretu Robert-Cristian, Garofide Marian


Hello, we are Robert and Marian, from the POLITEHNICA of Bucharest team, and we will write our impressions about the EPMeeting, Youth program and the time we have spent in Sofia with the others participants.

The first approach with the Youth group was on Sunday (14 November) after a long, by far too long train travel and some unexpected postpones on the checking-in at the hotel. In the evening we met the other participants of the project at the Ivan Denkoglu 127 School, and before having dinner and getting one of the programs of the activities we settled as our main task for the next days to learn the Bulgarian alphabet. It is a must definitely!

On Monday we got to know all the teams, started with a name game by the Turkish leader, Senol (his name meaning “Be happy!”), then the Italian participants talked about the European Pupils Magazine history and about the coordinating tasks of EPM activities.

Tuesday we had a nice chat with the Italians, and we got out in town for the afternoon, after that we came back at school and saw the presentation prepared by the Romania's Brasov University team, which was quite impressive. We also took pictures and videos.

On Wednesday we started with a laboratory, working on PC's the activity to correct and check an article, before publishing it. On the afternoon we had our own presentations delivered as movies about Cultural Heritage Bridges of Romania, adding some exemplifying software PC simulations on a CAE program, a movie about POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest and the Nanotechnology Department and our coordinating professor, challenged the audience with her own movie on the Paradigm Shift on Science, Education and Technology.

Thursday we got up early and went to see Sofia’s old Astronomic Observatory, we took pictures in the park, and after that we visited Sofia's Cathedral and went to shopping!

Friday we went on the mountain, on a 2 hours trip by bus till there, but the travel was funny, we talked each other and had fun even singing on the bus. Arriving at the Vitosha Mountain, we saw the Royal Hunting Cabana, an Art Gallery in a horse stable :)) and a very old power station.

The surroundings were amazing with little waterfalls and bridges. Despite these beauties we were a little sad because we didn't found any snow. In the evening we went to an Irish pub with Rossella, Vittorio, Laura & Mattia, where we had long talks about the Romanian and Italian lifestyles, playing darts and drinking juices.

So it's nice that after a week spent with the EPM international teams we got to know each other, share lifestyles experiences, cultural patterns and spent a lot of time together.

We really enjoyed the cultural diversity of the program, all the people involved in project and the relationships we made during this meeting.