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Ocean Energy Conversion

Tidal Systems

Water covers more than 74% of the Earth’s surface gathering enormous Renewable Energy resources and offering the marvellous blue sight of the planet -viewed from the space (fig.1)

There are moving water resources (ocean waves, tides, ocean and river currents) as well as non-moving water resources (offshore wind, offshore solar, ocean thermal, salinity gradient, marine biomass, geothermal).

Consequently, different types of applications have been designed for waves (terminators, attenuators, point absorbers, e

and for currents (ocean or river) or tides (fig.2 a, b, c, d).

Even if tides were observed, managed and used as power source, in accord with the technological state -of-the art of different periods, a more effective energy management of this complex phenomenon became possible only recently, as a result of the complex studies regarding mapping, modelling and simulation. If for the vertical move dams and estuary infrastructure were already used, for the tide currents’ conversion there are used horizontal or vertical axes turbines or newly designed devices acting as turbines.


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