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Call To Universities and Secondary schools for taking part to the 15th EPMeeting in Kastamonu, Turkey, in July 2011 21st to 28th

As you know, the adhesion to EPM Editorial and EPM Co-operators Boards is completely free and open to International Universities as well as to Secondary schools. EPM Editorial Board is pleased to invite you to our next 15th EPMeeting in Kastamonu, Turkey, in July 2011. Either if you are interested to join us and/or to get EPM Editorial Products or you simply wish to know our educational-scientific project, you are welcome to participate. We will even plan a full project useful to everybody to apply for Comenius Agency in order to ask a grant for next years activities among participating schools. Of course you are welcome to participate to such a preparatory visit and apply with us for the cited Comenius grant. Feel free to ask us every query you have in your mind. By the way, remind that we have no grant to help coming people. If you are or you bring students with you, we could try to give free accommodation by way of hosting school’s families.

A limited number of free accommodations for teachers are available. The priority will be given to EPM Editorial Board members, then to EPM Cooperators and finally to other teachers in order of confirmation of their participation to the Meeting.


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Here below, you find the links useful to download your completely free EPM Editorial Products. Of course, you may use them to read and/or print the whole EPMagazine Collection or single issues and/or to download the Multimedia

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Call for contributors

Both EPM Editorial Board Members and other external co-operators and users, are warmly invited right now to send contributions to the mail addresses below in order to be published the next EPMagazine issues.


epmagazine(AT); cristylacatus(AT); epmgreece(AT)

helerea(AT); ngeorgol(AT); ganges(AT)

(replace (AT) with the @ sign)


We remind you that the contributions have to be original and must not have been published or being currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. Papers must be the result of either personal research or group practice in the covered topics, always about HISTORY OF SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY

and about




contributions are allowed, too. Such e-mail:

gives you further useful guidelines.


What EPMagazine is

We’d like to remind you that EPMagazine (a scientific-educational periodical) has been available on some web sites for the past nine years so far and its main purpose is to improve the scientific - technological and linguistic skills of growing people by improving their abilities in reading, understanding, talking and writing about Science & Technology.

There are several sections: General, 14-16 years old, 17-19 years old, Universities (19 to 24 yrs. old), Green Energy, News and FunPages.

The sections 14-16, 17-19 and Universities contain articles written by students attending secondary schools and universities (aging up to 24). The General section is reserved to teachers and adult writers. Green Energy section contains contributions about renewable energy; News section contains news about scientific topics. FunPages section contains games about Science.


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EPM Editorial Board


Catania, Italy