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15th EPMeeting

Kastamonu, Turkey

July 21st to 28th 2011


As you know, the adhesion to EPM Editorial and EPM Co-operators Boards is completely free and open to International Universities as well as to Secondary schools. EPM Editorial Board is pleased to invite you to our next 15th EPMeeting in Kastamonu, Turkey, in July 2011. Either if you are interested to join us and/or to get EPM Editorial Products or you simply wish to know our educational-scientific project, you are welcome to participate. We will even plan a full project useful to everybody to apply for Comenius Agency in order to ask a grant for next years activities among participating schools. Of course you are welcome to participate to such a preparatory visit and apply with us for the cited Comenius grant. Feel free to ask us every query you have in your mind. By the way, remind that we have no grant to help coming people. If you are or you bring students with you, we could try to give free accommodation by way of hosting school’s families.

A limited number of free accommodations for teachers are available. The priority will be given to EPM Editorial Board members, then to EPM Cooperators and, finally, to other teachers in order of confirmation of their participation to the Meeting.

If you are interested to participate to the Meeting, you have to fill and send us the form attached to this Call.

By the way, here below, you find the links useful to download your completely free EPM Editorial Products. Of course, you may use them to read and/or print the whole EPMagazine Collection or single issues and/or to download the Multimedia EPMagazine CD Collection 2003-2010 (Earlier Version 2).


1. Official web-site:;
2. On-line EPMeeting:;
3. To download the cd:;
4. To download last issue: http:\\;
5. To download our calendar: http:\\


Preliminary Programme

THU July 21st
Arrival of participants. Accommodation as provided in the Pretty Dorm House in Kastamonu.
  20.00-21.30 Dinner
FRI July 22nd
  09.00-10.00 Breakfast
SESSION 1 Chairman: Senol Karabaltouglu
  Welcome ceremony. Presentation of the programme.
  10.00-10.20 Governor’s speech; Introduction to the Project, why we are here, what we are going to do, what the purpose is and what we get at the end of the Program.
  10.20-11.20 Presentation of each Country and school/university opening toward LifeLong Learning projects and professional formation of young, explaining Efforts and Culture.
  • BU - Tzvetan, Video about Bulgarian culture
  • RO - Vladescu, My school, country, culture
  • GR - Georgios, Yovan Tsaous: A Greek traditional singer, born in Kastamonu
  • IT - Laura & Alessandra; Andrea, Pictures from our Land; Aci & Galatea
  • GR - Dimitrios; Koralia & Elli, Our school life; Thessaloniki, a dream city
  • GR - Eirini & Victoria, The Greek presence in Kastamonu
  • TR - Senol, The slide show of Kastamonu
  11.30-12.00 Expectations and contributions by EPMagazine.
  • IT - Claudio, Evolution and History of EPM
  • BU - Tzvetan, The 14th EPMeeting in Sofia
  • IT - Andrea, From Sofia to Kastamonu
  12.00-13.00 Lunch
SESSION 2 Chairman: Nikos Georgolios
  Briefly reports about the progress on collaborative tools since Sofia 14th EPMeeting and open the evaluation of the existing opportunities for the different segments of this envisaged collaboration.
  13.30-16.00 Oral Presentations
  • GR - Nikos, What has changed in EPM last year?
  • RO - Serban, Promoting EPM in web-sites
  • NE - Rick, Past, Present and Future of EPMagazine Official Web Site
  • GR - Marilena, Our EPM experience
  • GR - Costantinos & Loukas, Our experience in EPM
  • IT - Andrea, Survey about EPMembers
  • IT - Claudio, The five pillars of Editorial Board Members IT - Laura, EPM Award
  16.20-17.30 Oral Presentations
  • IT - Alessandra, EPM Future
  • GR - Kosmas, New ideas for the EPM content
  • IT - Andrea & Alessandra, Planning the 18th
  • EPMeeting
  • IT - Andrea, From Kastamonu to …
Debate and focusing the main points for the future of EPM
  17.30-18.30 Free Time
  19.00-20.00 Dinner
  21.30 Back to Accommodation
SAT July 23rd
  09.00-10.00 Breakfast
SESSION 3 Chairman: Cristina Lacatus
  Effective tools of collaboration on LifeLong Learning programs and the further possible collaboration with Local Authorities
  10.00-12.00 Oral Presentations.
  • IT - Claudio, European opportunities for youngs
  • RO - Mihai, Learning tools - Shared experiences
  • RO - Elena, Developing a New European Youth Project
  12.00-13.00 Lunch
SESSION LAB 1 Chairman: Marilena Zarfjan
  13.30-17.00 Lab activities: EPM Issue Labs led issue led by Vittorio Iocolano
  17.30-18.30 Free Time
  19.00-20.00 Dinner
  20.30-21.30 Back to Accommodation
SUN July 24th
  09.00-10.00 Breakfast
SESSION 4 Chairman: Senol Karabaltouglu
  10.00-12.00 Teachers: Comenius, Youth in Action, Copernicus, LifeLong Education, European Commission’s ones and other proposals for a granted project.
SESSION LAB 2 Chairman: Rick Hilkens
  10.00-12.00 Students: Technical structure of the official web sites and how to build up and manage such a site like ours
  13.00-14.00 Lunch
SESSION 5 Chairman: Elena Helerea
  History of Science and Technology and Technology for Green Energy
  • RO - Cristina, Energy Beyond Green
  • RO - Vladescu, Wind Parks in Romania
  • RO - Silvia, Tudor, Oil – Black Gold of Romania
  • RO - Alexandru Mihai, Critical Issues of Nuclear Energy
  • RO - Gabriel, Wood Mankind’s Vegetal Gold
  • RO - Horia, Greek Fire - a Medieval Weapon
  • RO - Andreea, Galileo Exhibition
  • GR - Eleni, Ottoman monuments in Thessaloniki
  • TR - Senol, Natur(s) allNatural Sciences for Adults
  17.30-18.30 Free Time
  19.00-20.00 Dinner
  20.30-21.30 Back to Accommodation
MON July 25th
  09.00-10.00 Breakfast
  10.00-12.30 City Hunt, a Creative task
  13.30-14.30 Lunch
SESSION LAB 3 Chairman: Tzvetan Kostov
  14.30-16.00 Lab activities: paper made issue led by Vittorio Iocolano
  16.00-17.30 Free Time in the Town
  17.30-19.00 Dinner
  19.00-20.00 The Evaluation Creative Task, What it means will be explained the day before
  20.30-21.30 Back to Accommodation
TUE July 26th
  09.00-10.00 Breakfast
  10.00-12.00 Visiting the local Bazaar
  12.00-13.00 Lunch
  14.00-15.30 Local Dance Show and learning a bit
SESSION LAB 4 Chairman: Rick Hilkens
  15.30-18.00 Lab activities: Multimedia EPM CD Collection led by Vittorio Iocolano
  18.00-19.00 Dinner
  20.00-22.00 Cultural Night
  22.30-23.30 Back to Accommodation
WED July 27th
  09.00-10.00 Breakfast
  10.00-12.30 Students attending curricular lessons
  13.00-14.00 Lunch
  14.30-15.30 Evaluation of the program
  16.00-18.00 Visiting the Local Committee
  19.00-20.30 Dinner
THU July 28th
  09.00-10.00 Breakfast
  10.00-11.30 Sightseeing (Walking) Kastamonu
  12.00 Closing the Meeting; departure of participants


Main topics

  • Among others, the following areas will be covered during the Symposium as oral presentations. Students’ contributions, Labs and oral communications are greatly expected.
  • Organising the new Comenius Multilateral project 2012-2014
  • EPMagazine past, present, future perspective and how to improve the quality of editorial products;
  • EPMagazine CD, Web, Paper Made, Calendar LAYOUTS 2012
  • EPMagazine Sharing work until next EPMeeting.
  • EPMagazine Planning the ceremonial for the important EPMeeting in Catania, Italy for the 10th anniversary of editorial work in the Autumn of 2012
  • Oral Communication about History of Science and Technology;
  • Oral Communication about Technology for green Energy.



English will be the official language of the EPMeeting


Registration Fee

Free of any charge


Scientific Committee

Nikos Georgolios Experimental high school University Thessaloniki
Elena Lacatus Politehnica, Bucuresti, Romania
Elena Helerea Politehnica, Brasov, Romania
Angelo Rapisarda Liceo Boggio Lera, Catania, Italy
Senol Karabaltouglu (and Local Committee) Kastamonu, Turkey


Submission form

Download the submissionform (PDF).