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> News August 2011 Section: News


  1. News about our last EPMeeting in Kastamonu-Ihsangazi.
  2. EPM Award is already open!!!
  3. Send articles to be published to next issues.
  4. Are you (from secondary school or university Institution) interested to join our educational-scientific activities as member of EPMagazine? You may choose to join us in one of the three different levels: Editorial Member, Co-operator or Contributor.
  5. The Italian official email address has been changed into
  6. How to learn more about EPMagazine.
  7. Useful links.
  8. Our editorial board mails.



  1. The last EPMeeting (the 15th) has held in Kastamonu-Ihsangazi, Turkey a very short time ago. Go to our official web site at for weblogs, picture, news. During the next weeks you will find the final report and the tasks to be shared among partners.


  2. The competition EPM Award is already open, so you can vote the best article from the official web-site ( We remind you that you may vote only once and the scores assigned are:

    0 score If your vote comes: from the same school of the author
    1 score from the same city of the author
    2 score from the same Country of the author
    3 score from different Country


  3. If you want to publish an article in our magazine feel free to contact us by email. We remind you that the contributions have to be original and must not have been published or being currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. Papers must be the result of either personal research or group practice in the covered topics, always about:


    TECHNOLOGY for GREEN ENERGY (TGE) seen through its Historical/Developmental point of view.

    HST/TGE NEWS and FUN PAGES contributions are welcome too.


  4. In this mail you can find attached a form to fill with your personal data and which role you plan to “play”. About the last one, here you find a short explanation about the responsibilities and activities to perform:

    • EPM Editorial Board Member means to be a full component, with economical and technical responsibilities about every kind of tasks and activities necessary for the editorial work (managing to publish one issue a year, at least, included).
    • Co-operator means to be an EPMember that helps in any way the EPM Editorial Board (i.e.: organizing meetings, to help/find economical support, enlarging the list of effective co-operators, contributing with articles, and so on), excluding to publish the issues, arranged by Editorial Board, only.
    • Contributor means to prepare and submit articles, news and fun pages during all round year.
      The EPM Editorial Board Member’s activities include everything performed both by Co-operators and Contributors, too.
      At the same time, the Co-operators perform the activities required to Contributors at the same time.


  5. The Italian official email address has been changed into


  6. To learn more about EPMagazine you can visit our official web site ( You are kindly required, also, to get a look at our online Magazine ( or contact our EPM Editorial Board by e-mail.


  7. Here you can find useful links to download for free our EPM products:

    On line articles

    On-line EPMagazine

    To download the CD

    To download last issue

    To download our calendar


  8. Our editorial board mails