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> EPMagazine Meeting: 18-5-2022: short report Issue: 2006-1 Section: News

EPM Meeting MEMO
On-Line Educational Workshop for Teachers
New Teaching/Learning instruments and ways
May, 18-th, 18.00 - Italy time


1. Participants: EPMagazine editorial board members and collaborators

Angelo Rapisardaepmagazine at
Luigi Campanella
Lucia Toniolo
Pasquale Fetto
Stefano Cinti
Valentina Domenici
Jesus Mendez
Tsvetan Kostov
Nikos Georgoliosngeorgol at
Biniuc Carmen
Borșan Ioana
Botez Carmen
Cotfas Monicamonicacotfas @
Dinga Brândușa
Furdui Monica
Helerea Elenahelera at
Niculescu Elisabeta
Slătinaru Tamara
Ștefureac Crina


2. The online meeting moderated by prof. Luigi Campanella, included the following speeches and presentations:

  • Welcome. Elena Helerea, University of Brasov, Romania
  • Introduction. Not traditional teaching/learning ways, by Luigi Campanella, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
  • In situ material science for the conservation of historical architecture, by Lucia Toniolo, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Teaching science through humour, by Stefano Cinti, University of Naples, Italy
  • Training of chemistry teachers in non-formal contexts, such as Science Museums, by Valentina Domenici, Pisa University, Italy


3. Following the presentations, some questions and discussions have taken place and the conclusions were drawn by Luigi Campanella, Angelo Rapisarda and Monica Cotfas.


4. The presentations were of great interest in terms of developing and implementing new teaching/learning instruments and different approaches to attract and stimulate youngsters towards scientific study. The discussions will continue in further meetings.


We thank all the participants for attending and contributing to the event and we are looking forward to receiving proposals for topics and subjects for future meetings.


Elena and Monica