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> EPM 2009, Voting contest Section: News

Dear pupils,


We are glad to inform you that all articles of 2008 issues have been published on this official website of EPMagazine


We remind you that in the official site you can find the past published issues, freely.


We also remind you that the partners decide to assign the EPM Award 2009 contest with the same prize and the same rules approved for the previous competition in 2008, and that the voting to select the best article has been officially opened.


The criteria to select the best article are:

The article should:

  1.  be published in students sections, 14-16 or 17-19 only.
  2.  be simple written (easy to read and easy to understand)
  3.  include good and interesting bibliographic notes
  4.  arouse curiosity and be interesting to read.
  5.  be on a topic useful in European curricula.

The voting system has been completely renewed, now you can vote directly from the EPMagazine official website. The rules for voting are:

  1. The vote will be expressed trough the official website voting form, selecting the article to vote and filling the form with the requested information about the voter.
  2. To improve security, for voting will be requested a valid email address to validate the vote.
  3. Each student from a European Country has the right to vote once.
  4. In order to avoid that people votes for himself or his friends, these are the scores:
  • 0 scores for a vote given by a person of the same school of the article author;
  • 1 score for a vote given by a person of the same city of the article author;
  • 2 scores for a vote given by a person of the same nation of the article author;
  • 3 scores for a vote given by a person abroad the nation of the article author.


EPM Award 2009 Competition


The prize will be a flight ticket and family accommodation for one of the winning students and his/her teacher, to next EPM Project Meeting.

Please, note that the competition is open to European students, only (Extra-European Russian Countries, not included).


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