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Year: 2011

Issue: 2

Title: History of science and technology

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This magazine consists of the following articles:

17-19: Relation between Sun and Earth

Andra Maria Ioana Tudor , Nicolae Titulescu College, Braşov, Romania ,


17-19: The Life of Hermann Oberth

Karina Rotaru, Alina Neacşu, National High School Ion Creangă, Bucharest, Romania


17-19 (Science): Nikola Tesla and Modern Civilization

Radu Biolan, Andrei Dobrin, Mihai Bravu Technical College, Bucharest, Romania


17-19 (Chemistry): Benzene and its evidence

Shaun Richardson, Priestley College, Warrington, United Kingdom


17-19 (Chemistry): The Structure of Benzene

Katherine Stephenson, Priestley College, Warrington, United Kingdom


Editorials: Editorial 2-2011



Green Energy: Wind Parks in Romania

Prof. Lucian Constantin Vlădescu, Şcoala cu clasele I-VIII, Schitu, Romania


Math: The History of Vegetal Biotechnology

Prof. Ramona Maghiar, Mihai Bravu Technical College, Bucharest, Romania


News: Our trip to Kastamonu, Turkey

Koralia Kontou, Experimental High-School, Thessaloniki, Greece


University: Journey in the History of the Black Oil in Romania

Silvia Trandafir, Transilvania University, Braşov, Romania


University: Nuclear Timeline and Nuclear Power Plants

Örs-Előd Erdelyi, Transilvania University, Braşov, Romania