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> Nikola Tesla and Modern Civilization Issue: 2011-2 Section: 17-19



Radu Biolan, Andrei Dobrin


The paper contains some information about Tesla's huge role in opening roads to many areas of science without which we could not have imagined today's civilization. We chose this theme because it highlights the role of the individual over society and for that a little bit of Tesla is of Romanian origin.

Nikola Tesla was born on 10 July 1856 in the village Smiljana, near Gospic, Croatia, which was then in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Henri Coanda presents it as a Romanian Serbian Banat. Other sources indicate that it was Istro-Romanian. It is certain, however, that the great inventor had Romanian roots, as his name suggests - Tesla, which comes from the word “teslari” (carpenter).

Tesla was an inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer, one of the greatest scientists of the end of the 19th century and early 20th century. His scientific discoveries are of immense importance.

Tesla was a pioneer in a wide range of technical fields, like that of electricity, radio, high frequency currents, electric power transmission system by alternating current, magnetic field rotary engines and different technologies without which the modern world would be incomprehensible and the structure of the atom and its nucleus. Everything we call technology today is based on Nikola Tesla's inventions, some of them dating back over a century. Nikola Tesla invented the first device “wireless telegraph” in the world namely, the "father" of all devices such sites today. The unit for magnetic induction B of the magnetic field is called tesla and T is the symbol. And yet today it is little name uttered by humanity.

As a child, Nicholas or Nikola demonstrated, since the early years, exceptional mental abilities and extrasensory perception. After the age of 17, Tesla could visualize with the greatest of ease, an object, no need of models, drawings or other actual experiments.

For this reason, the young have the ability to design a piece, mentally, without actually having to build them, so you realize if it will work or not, when will be materialized. He could develop an entire concept without using even a single instrument. Only after all possible improvements to adapt the gear picture and not found any mistakes, and basically make the product of his intelligence.

From the age of 28 lived in the U.S. where Tesla has made inventions that changed the destiny of mankind. Thus, he managed to find a solution that allowed to bring electricity to homes using alternating current electricity transmission. The dispute between Edison and Tesla electric current on the transmission distance is known as the "current war”. Tesla has shown that the use of AC for transport to energy away power is more advantageous than the use of DC, as suggested by contemporary, Thomas Edison.

Thus, Tesla laid the foundations of modern knowledge about AC: AC electric power, AC systems, including multi-phase systems, power distribution systems and the AC motor, which have led to the second Industrial Revolution. In 1890, Nicola Tesla made the first transmission of electricity in two-phase alternating current. One of his most important inventions of the AC generator is. He also helped build hydroelectric power plant. near Niagara Falls. Hence the statue today that looks over the inexhaustible supply of water overflow.

Tesla is considered a pioneer in the fields of robotics, ballistics, computer science, nuclear physics and theoretical physics. He believes that the most noble way to improve the human condition is to research the various questions raised by science and use scientific principles and industrial progress provided that it is compatible with nature.

By 1892, the U.S. Patent Office has issued over 40 patents for Tesla's inventions under the principle of rotating magnetic field he discovered the essential features of the AC electrical system.

In 1895 he was commissioned first hydroelectric power in the world alternative to Niagara Falls.

Emblems massive generators installed there bore the name of Nikola Tesla, and even today the vast majority of electric induction motors in use worldwide based on its initial project. Its underlying inventions worldwide, robots, the Internet, pagers, cellular phones or space program "Star Wars" launched by American Cold War. All are tributaries of Tesla's drawings.

In 1899 Tesla has established the laboratory in Colorado Springs, near the top of Pikes Peak, in order to realize his dream: the transmission of "wireless electricity by land or by air. The fear that his lab could be destroyed, as it happened in New York, he kept a journal of research. It was extremely satisfied with the giant oscillator when it produced an artificial lightning, 100 times greater than the spark that was previously obtained in his laboratory in New York.

During a violent storm in Colorado, Tesla made one of the most remarkable discoveries: "We see stationary waves ... No matter how impossible it seemed, this planet, despite its vast expanses, behaves like a conductor usually small. The importance of this amazing thing for my system of power transmission appeared to me very clearly in mind. Not only can serve the transmission of telegraph signals without wires to any distance, as I said long ago, but throughout the world to propagate the human voice modulations. Moreover, it can be used to transmit power (electricity) in unlimited amounts to any terrestrial distance and without loss", he noted in the log.

The famous Romanian inventor Henri Coanda say about Tesla: "All inventions and were carried out mentally, he previewed. At the same, all were improved, were corrected in a mental projection so real that it never imagined a device has failed. Everything worked perfectly, without further corrections, it was built without preliminary experiments. Nikola Tesla has developed an unusual capacity for astral projection into other dimensions. Tesla was introduced to the essential techniques, techniques which saw a split in detail, in operation".

Some proposed solutions to overcome today's energy crisis through which humanity now has been envisioned over a century ago by physicist Nikola Tesla. Here are a few of his phrases related to this: "Energy use and carbon stored in wood, or, generally speaking, fuel, led to the steam engine". The next huge step in developing energy transportation was done by using electricity, which allowed the transport of energy from one place to another without transporting material. But the use of energy from the environment, there

was no radical step forward. “Tesla considered that trigger source life on earth is the sun. Tesla's solution to rising energy consumption and control was to use solar energy. Direct use of solar energy to constantly concerned about the Tesla' There is also the possibility - albeit a small one, to obtain electricity directly from the Sun. Other sources of energy could be discovered and new methods of using solar energy, but none of these achievements will not match the importance of energy transmission to any distance through the environment".

After having analyzed all the various sources of energy from the environment - wind, water and heat from the earth, sun, lightning energy, the physicist concluded that these methods have certain limitations. The future of Tesla envisioned a century ago remains open: "It is possible and even likely to open up other sources of energy, now we have no knowledge. It is even possible to apply magnetism or gravity to move machines without using other means". Tesla envisioned a flying disc powered by canceling gravity, an idea that would be studied today by the world powers. Above them, as he himself confessed, Tesla envisioned a heat engine that uses heat from the environment.

Tesla died at the age of 86 years, on January 7, 1943 in New York, poor, alone and forgotten by the world in a small room in a New York hotel. Outside, the city was inspired by the legacy left behind by this man, must of electricity produced from Tesla's vision materialized to live in a world completely driven by alternating current. Tesla was buried almost in obscurity, a giant crash of the invention, whose findings remain the foundation for some of the most prolific scientific performance achieved by humanity.

Tesla was laters recognized as the greates electrical engineer in america and the world.It is now claimed by Serbia, which was dedicated to a museum in Belgrade and bill of 100 dinars.



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