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Year: 2012

Issue: 1

Title: History of science and technology

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This magazine consists of the following articles:

14-16: The history of mobile phone

Gabriele Trovato, I.s.s. E.Boggio Lera


14-16 (Chemistry): Playing with radiations

Alessandra Villarà, Laura Patanè, I.s.s. E. Boggio Lera, Catania, Italy


14-16 (Astronomy): The story of Flight-sapper and the debut of astronautics

Daigo Tricomi, I.s.s. E.Boggio Lera, Catania, Italy


17-19 (Biology): Is evolution the process that created the diversity of life on Earth? (part 1)

Keiron Pain, Priestley College, Warrington, UK.


Editorials: Editorial 1-2012

Laura Patanè, I.s.s. E. Boggio Lera, Catania, Italy


Fun Pages: My Venus

Tzvetan Kostov, 127 SOU Ivan Denkoglu, Sofia, Bulgaria


University: Chaos

Nikolaos Chatzarakis, Physics Dept. of University of Thessaloniki