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Nino Porto


Laura Patanè


It is with great grief that we dedicate this editorial to the memory of our dear friend and precious contributor Antonino Porto. He passed away on 28 February and we have missed him ever since.


From the very start of the magazine he had been a keen supporter of the idea and worked on it and for it with great passion; in fact his was the first Mirror site of EPm and an interesting article on the Research machines. Those who met him at Catania Meeting in 2007 will remember his silent, passionate participation.


The news about Porto’s dead who was a pillar of EPM, who worked so hard to build what it is now, who taught some students to fight to reach what they want, but overall the loss of a men with a good heart like him, shocked all EPM group which is close to Porto’s family in this sad moment and wishes he rest in peace


We received many communications from:


Kastamonu, Turkey

Kaiseri, Turkey

Bucharest, Romania

Thessaloniki, Greek

Landgraaf, Netherlands

Catania, Italy

Cadice, Spain

Le Mans, France


We also wish to include some of the messages we received from our friends all over Europe, we know that you also will miss him.

Bye Nino, you will always be in our hearts!


So sad to hear that. the Quran says that Allah is always with the good ones...

Senol, Kastamonu, Turkey


We are shocked for the sudden death of our friend and partner in EPM, Nino.

We will never forget his kindness and friendship during our visit in Catania.

May God rest his soul in peace.

EPM Editorial Group, Thessaloniki Greece


An educated person, a funny one, a good company; a special person has gone.

Elena, Catania, Italy


I’m really sorry, I did not know him but his work helps me really much. EPM continues to work, it helps me really much.

Manuele, University of Catania, Italy


I’m really sorry for Porto’s dead, a good man, without fear to show him how he really was, I love this skill, almost disappeared nowadays

Maria Teresa, Catania Italy


I can say that Porto was a life teacher and he taught me to let the other people teach me something, now I trust other people and this is only thanks his behaviour.

Daniela, University of Catania, Italy