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Year: 2012

Issue: 3

Title: History of science and technology

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This magazine consists of the following articles:

14-16: Aurel Vlaicu Icarus above the Carpathians

Emanuela Feldiorean, Denisa Paval, Colegiul Tehnic“Mircea Cristea ”, Brasov, Romania


14-16: Bohr and quantum’s atomic model

Alessio Canini, Liceo Scientifico Enrico Boggio Lera, Catania, Italy


17-19: Evolution (part 3)

Keiron Pain, Priestley College, Warrington, UK.


17-19: Astronomy: from its origins to the Copernican

Francesca Giardina, Liceo Classico Nicola Spedalieri, Catania, Italy


17-19: Gogu Constantinescu The Invention with Outstanding Impacts o

Maria Pitiriga, Colegiul “Ion Creanga ”, Bucharest, Romania


Editorials: Editorial 3-2012

Luminita Husac and Laura Oancea, Colegiul “Dr. Ioan Senchea ”, Fagaras, Romania