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> Brain waves Issue: 2010-2 Section: 14-16



Today, some equipment can be operated with the help of brain waves. One of the studies had been done at Duke University. Scientists had placed electrodes to brains of monkeys at first. After that, they had saved the occurring brain waves to computer as 3D (three dimensional). The arm of a robot connected to the computer had been moved with the help of these saved data. Lots of brain waves can be monitored at the same time. Because of this, only the waves which are obtained as a result of simple movements are being analysed.

This study had been developed by a group of investigators located in Berlin. Data had been transferred to computer again with the help of electrodes. The process of decomposition could be done with this study and this process was the difference between these two studies. In other words, which movement belongs to which brain wave can be said, but it is not certain. For example, it is possible to know previously if a person will move his/her right or left hand.

Another study had been done at Brown University. A microchip had been placed to monkeys and with the help of this microchip data had been transferred to computer. During this study, a colourful dot placed on the scene had been shown to monkeys at first. Then, they had been taught to move this dot to a target with the help of joy sticks. After monkeys had learnt that operation, a micro receiver had been placed. After that, brain waves had been transferred to computer. Afterwards, when the colourful dot had been shown to monkeys on the scene, monkeys could have been removed to the target with the help of brain waves without holding joy sticks.

All these studies had been done through brain waves. Lots of equipment can be operated through brain waves. These studies will increase with the help of studies which are for solving the secrets of brain and its waves. The important thing is to solve the mystery of brain.






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