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> Iasi 2014 Weblog Section: EPMeetings

History of Science, Technology & Green Energy

19th EPMeeting Iasi 4-7 April 2014

Organization institution of the 19th EPMeeting
Colegiul Tehnic Gheorghe Asachi
str. Sarariei nr. 189 Iasi, Romania







Report 5 March


Prof. Tamara Slatineanu started the conference at 9.15 a.m. in Colegiul Tehnic Gheorghe Asachi’s theatre, introducing the second day of EPM meetings and the members of the scientific committee.

The teachers of the Colegiul Tehnic Mircea Cristea described their school with a short power point presentation. Then, Dr. Prof. C. Simionescu of the Accademician Bogdan spoke about four famous scientists: Einstein, Verne, Freynmann and Lehn.

He said that everything we know about science is relative, “Big is very, very small and small is very, very big” . On this way, he presented “The Nano world”.

Nature use nanoparticles like little spiders’ paws which are composed by nanocells. Also, people from ancient time used properties of nanoparticles: Cupa Lycurgus and some windows of cathedral use their properties to change colours. Nanoparticles can take place in the medicine field to fight directly viruses inside the body. In conclusion, C. Simionescu reminded to the audience that they don’t have to lose their trust and their dreams, because whether they realize their passions, they will improve. After this brilliant performance and a short break, the EPM conference began.

There were twelve interesting topics. Some topics were well exposed with a useful power point presentation, but others were awful because some guys read the whole report without looking the audience.

In an interview with Federica Di Domenico, one of the members of the Jury, said:

"I found all reports very interesting, much of them were well structured and others not so well. My favorite report was “The History of Science”, because I really liked the way how they exposed this interesting topic"

In a second interview with the romanian member of the Jury, Irina Brinza, affirmed that many presentation were not incisive and she didn’t like any of them because the guys were reading all the text in the power point. The conference closed with some artistic exhibition: a girl played flute, two guys danced and other two dance typical Romanian ballets.


Report 6 March


The presenter of the day, Salvatore Lo Castro, introduced the 3rd day of the 9th EPM’s conference.

The day began with the session “History of Technology” which had four different topics. Then, there was the session of Nanotechnology with other fourteen topics.

During the first coffee break, the audience tasted some starters with cheese that was described in the fourth exposition.

The most part of the presentations were very fascinating even if the power point didn’t present any bibliography or iconography. This lack compromised the reliability of the presentation and, consequently, their scientific value; the others were badly exposed, although they presented the interesting topics.

At the end of the conference, the audience lunched in the restaurant “Pensiunea Retiro” where the students and the teachers spent a beautiful day in company, eating and dancing a lot; thanks to this moment, the guys had the opportunity to socialize and to exchange opinions about their own culture, tradition and knowledge.