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> The life of Leonardo Da Vinci Issue: 2007-2 Section: Science


It had been made by an architect whose name is Vabjorn sand from Norway and it started to give facility in 2001. İstanbul Metropolis Municipality is planning to reconstruct Golden Horn which was rejected by Bayezıt’s architects due to the fault of calculation.


Leonardo Da Vinci said the sun didn’t move in his hand-writing book which he had wrote before 100 years from Gallileo and he signed tank, automoile and parachute projects, besides flying vehicle. Da Vinci had drawn a similar telescope with Newton’s invention 160 years ago.


There were a lot of comments about characteristic of Leonardo. Sigmund Freud who wrote the first psycho-analytical biography. And so, we could know, as Freud says, Leonardo had an Oedipus complex, interested in the women at his monuments and at the same time he was a homosexual. All of the studies about effects of childhood days in his genius don’t want to see mother Katarina. This was because she was a village girl.


But, Katerina, we don’t know her real name, wasn’t a village girl in Florance. In 2002, according to museoum in Italy, in the age of Leonardo was born, people could use slaves like a female slave in Florance. Ser Piero was married his slave with a man worked with him when his slave had a baby from Ser Piero.


We don’t know how much this mother from middle-east effected Leonardo‘s personality. Region psychology expert Dr Hasan Kaplan from Syracusa University thought that Leonardo had the writing from right to left all of his life from his mother. According to Kaplan, Leonardo had married days in his youth and because of this he decided to escape from Florance.


In that time he remembered the stories his mother told him when he was a child. We know that Leonardo was interested in middle east again after he took his mother near himself in the last years of his life.


Professor Donald Sassoon wrote a book on Mona Lisa Picture accepted documents Museo Ideale found, gave us lots of elves about Leonardo’s personality but according to Sassoon, it wasn’t need to be son of slave Katerina for Leonardo interested in middle-east. We don’t know which middle-east Katerina came from but experts note down this name is gave to Jewish Slaves who was made christian.


Eric Erickson says kimlik dissorminated the process of Leonardo lived after people said homosexual to him. According to Dr Kaptan, this process creats a person studies all of the works but can’t complete none of them and he/she always exchange places. About this subject, Dr Kaptan gives an example; he is a singer Micheal Jackson.


Dr. Hasan Kaplan uses Eric Erickson’s knowledges about the young and he thinks if we think about only his childhood memories we can make a mistake. The development confined Leonardo into his childhood is slander of homosexuality in 1476. At last Leonardo cleared, but this experience changed his life. Dr. Kaplan said that this experience made two effects on Leonardo. They are at first crisis of personality and second searching to escape. According to Kaplan, Leonardo lived in Anatolia for two years, because of there are lots of clues this slander changed his life to worse. In notebooks collected by Prof. Jean Paul Richter, there are letters Leonardo sent to his uncle and friends and asked them what could he do to slip out this slander. It is not difficult to guess what the reply was: go away!


At the end, I want to shone with you Leonardo’s speechs. The most pedant and the most noble teacher is own nature. The inventors are people who explain the nature. A person who oldiges to one star don’t change his ideas.


Genius people don’t create more beautiful, more easy, righter than nature;bacause there isn’t anything deficient and not necessary created by nature.

The water we are wetted in the river is the end drop of flowed and went water and the first drop of flowed and came water. So, the river flows always like the time. The life is long only if we live it full.


Lots of explanation was made about Da Vinci’s personality. Sigmund Freud who wrote the first psychoanalitic biography about Leonardo Da Vinci of world history; take into consideration that he had effects destructive and made genius because of his mother was a slander.


According to Freud’s knowledges, Leonardo’s mother was from Florance, a village girl. Leonardo wanted to be alone because of he left from his mother and his father married for two times and he had eleven brothers and sisters who don’t love him. Because of he was on extra marital unions (illegitimate) son, he didn’t have a good childhood, so he had a complex of Peter Pan. It means that he was always child until he died. Being a union of a super genius and feeling like a five years child, you can see a man who made war machines like a toy and the high sea dreams but can’t complete a work.


Leonardo delivered a lot of space; his superior intelligence, his genius thoughts, his magnificient invention, and he drew a lots sketch his no, ebook. But his life rotation, he didn’t unimportant, by from the other knowledge adams from the trade and knowledge space. His notebook and trade sign earn importance after his died year.

His worked above space there is one vineyard. His trade, sign he put forward his trade then use mathematics.

When we glance at his works, it surprises all people that how he worked on such a different fields.









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