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Human strength against Nature


Last August after an accident 33 miners were trapped in a copper and gold mine in San Jose, Chile after a collapse of an underground tunnel 700 meters below the surface. For 19 days they were ignored, till they were located, when a hole was drilled and they sent a message that they were all fine in a shelter. They remained there for 69 days, when a rescue operation ended with success.

Although the venture to rescue them was almost unique in the world history, there is another aspect in the whole story, which displays great interest. How have these people managed it? How have they survived overcoming so many difficulties?

It is true that they proved that a well organized community can bring up valuable virtues of the humans.


From the very first days they organized their life in an excellent way, establishing living areas and a routine.

They shared their food following a certain diet, which would keep them fit and healthy and let them later to escape the shelter with the capsule. They have been organized in working parties, sharing necessary jobs (as cleaning), monitoring their health and taking care for their relaxation. It must be pointed out their continuous contact with the outside world was a great relief and a psychological boost for them. Hence, they were provided food, medical material, books, etc. and they had frequent live conferences with their families. Many of their closest relatives have been camping in a hillside

near the mine, named Camp Hope, contributing in their own way in their rescue. And the day of the sleepless operation arrived, when all technical details have been fixed. But who could imagine that the miners who waited patiently that day would have an unexpected problem?

Quarrelling and Arguing! What about? Not who will be the first to escape, but who will be the last!

Perhaps this was the greatest moment of the whole story.

This story was a confirmation of our worst nightmares! Man抯 intervention in nature in order to exploit its raw materials became, finally, a trap for him! And while, we were all ready to talk once again about the nature抯 revenge the miracle happened! The human soul triumphed! Camp Hope was like a new Eden! In our times of individuality we抳e been watching an effort which proved the power of collegiality and the huge perspectives of the human communities. This is the true story that we often lose, overlook or forget!