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What can we do in order to improve intelligence?


All people can improve different kinds of intelligence.

Because of this, it should be known what kind of intelligence people improve most.

Here are some methods applied to improve different intelligence fields:


·  Verbal-lingual intelligence:

  • listen to other people and discuss ideas;
  • learn and use new words;
  • keep diary;
  • subscribe a magazine;

Types of intelligence

4. Visual

5. Logical

6. Musical

7. Physical

·  Mathematical-logical intelligence:

  • make persuasive talks about silly subjects;
  • be involved in projects that require scientific effort;

·  Visual-residencel intelligence:

  • use esthetic tools to connote ideas;
  • dream consciously;
  • prepare paintings, graphs, posters and models;
  • work on topics that improve creativity;
  • make creations;

·  Social-individual intelligence:

  • improve listening;
  • communicate without speaking;
  • work in teams;
  • guess the mimics;

·  Kinetic-corporal intelligence:

  • act in a dramatic play;
  • examine modern and daily topics;
  • make folk dance, walk, run;

·  Personal- instinctive intelligence:

  • concentrate carefully;
  • answer the questin Who am I? using 25 or less words;
  • explain uncertain situations with known examples;

·  Musical-rhytmical intelligence:

  • listen different kinds of music;
  • compose a simple song about your family;
  • play casettes that contains different sounds of nature.


According to Gardner’s theory, applying this ways show us which kind of intelligence we have.

What is the relationship betweeen these fields and people of high intelligence? How many people are super intelligent and why? Here are the answers of these questions:

According to the researches done, only 2% of the people in a community have IQ level of 130 or more.

Super intelligents are known as shy, unfriendly and sakar; but they are good, friendly and loved peole, in fact. The research of Levis Terman on this topic is still going on. He has followed 1500 super intelligent who have IQ level of 140 and more for 60 years. These people are one step forward than the people at the same age as themselves.

It is obseved that they are more powerful, more healthy, heavier and taller.

They are more succesful at school. These people, on avarage, wrote 50 books, 375 plays and short stories, 2000 articles. Also, they had more than 200 patents. This research also showed that super intelligents don’t always perform succesfull life. There are sometimes great failures. High IQ level never means success everytime. But super intelligents show special performs on some areas.


What is IQ (Intelligence Quotient)?

IQ is an intelligence index measured by a test prepared by Alfred Binet. The aim of this test was to educate children who had low level of intelligence. Binet applied this test on children and found the difference between them. By then, a lot of different tests to identify the level of IQ was prepared. In Binet tests, the intelligence age of children was found, too. For example, if a 10 - year-old child gets 45 points and if this result is the same with 8 - year - old children, then his intelligence age is 8, not 10. As the time passed, intelligence age was left and IQ started to be used. The formulae of IQ was as this: IQ = (intelligence age / real age) x 100. Later on, more complex formulas were used. Prof. Gardner abandoned IQ concept. According to him, every field of intelligence is a way for people to live, learn and become a human. This explanation arises this question: What is Multiple Intelligence Theory? Multiple intelligence theory is philosophy that is oriented to finding and improving child’s natural and hidden powers, potentials and talents. Finally, I believe that the secret of intelligence will be revealed by the help of science and technology.


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