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Mattia Masciarelli

Liceo Boggio Lera, Catania, Italy




I think that writing the Editorial, the first article in EPM, is one of the most difficult things to do if you are an EPM editor. It is hard to start writing, because you have to organize the whole article, it is hard to continue, because you have to link each paragraph with the previous one, it is hard to finish, because you must write a satisfying conclusion.

In this editorial you will read about what was done during the last EPMeeting in Sofia, you will also read about the emotional experience during this meeting.

EPMeeting have always been the apex of the hard work between two meetings. The satisfaction of those who worked hard is very high, but EPMeeting is also an opportunity to meet other people from different countries and different cultures, an occasion to stay together and share some time.

Moreover, the somehow publicly revision of the EPM’s Editorial Board’s activity give us an incentive to work harder trying to avoid the small mistakes or better said trying to avoid even the small hesitations that have happened before.

Personally, the people that I’ve mostly stayed with were the students of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. They were very nice to talk to and to stay with and we jointly visited some cultural sites of Sofia, spending lots of fantastic time together; but not only with the students. We have also met lots of teachers representing many countries: Şenol Karabaltaoğlu (Turkey), Elena Lacatus (Romania), Nikos Georgolios (Greece), Theodoros Votsis (Greece), Norbert Muller (Germany) and of course the organizers of the workshop, Angelo Rapisada (Italy) and Tzvetan Kostov (Bulgaria). During the meeting days we have had the opportunity to discuss with all of them, to agree or not their opinions; or, in a nutshell, to show and share our rising personalities.

Usually, the most important goal of an EPMeeting is to decide what should be done until the following meeting. This phase is always a very hard one and this was not an exception, because it lasted more than expected, exhausted everybody but finally it was a very important work that should be done.

Consequently, we all decided that Şenol Karabaltaoğlu is going to be the coordinator for the Comenius project proposal. The Polytechnic Universities of Bucharest and Brasov are to become Editorial Boards, so they will publish the first and the second issues of the EPMagazine in 2011.

Finally, lots of tasks have been assigned to each and everyone and of course, everyone hopes that each of us will properly fulfill them.

So, what can be said about these future tasks? We have to do our best in order to accomplish them all, each of us has to grow-up into the Editorial Board and to develop and promote his own idea about a European Magazine and about how to spread it all over Europe and, why not, worldwide!